Repair Process

From the time that your drop your vehicle off to be repaired, until the time we place the keys back in your hands, there is an extensive logistical process that goes on to ensure that your repairs are completed in a timely manner. Before your vehicle arrives, our shop will have the necessary parts ordered to begin repairs. Once your vehicle arrives and is placed into production, the repair process begins. This will involve all necessary body and frame repair, refinish time, and other repairs like mechanical and suspension work if required. The repair process can reveal additional parts or work needed to finish your vehicle. If this occurs, our team will make all necessary arrangements with your insurance company to solve these issues. Finally, when the repairs are complete, your car will be cleaned on the inside and out. Our goal is to return your vehicle back to you in the same condition it was before your accident, and that you are satisfied when you roll out of our lot.

Tavis Welding
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Sanding Car

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